I smiled while reading this!

PS2 was such a great console and there are so many memories I have playing on the console with friends that remind me of the reason I got into gaming in the first place.

Is the near future swamp-bound?

I know what you’re thinking! Where have I been? The truth is I have been around roaming the wilds of Destiny, where you may have been blessed enough to catch me filming in the EDZ or running Override missions into the Vex network on Europa.

Season of The Splicer and beyond

The last city is more alive than it has ever been in Destiny. Not only have we walked the tight rope, slowly and surely new relationships are being forged in the heat of battles and tempered by bonds of forgiveness.

Why Bungie is making the right moves

Are seasons the right choice? YES! Thank you for coming to my TeDTalk (kidding). Since the beginning, Bungie has ooh’d and aww’d us with their pro-quick quips and their living worlds. And isn’t that the dream? To exist in a digital space that is as alive as the reality we exist in offline.

Trying to understand and chase the enigmatic forces within the ‘Destiny’ universe

In Destiny, the universe is vast, full of mysteries and puzzles that could keep your mind occupied for days. I have spent many hours in thought about one mystery in particular: The Nine and their subtle and obvious influences in the paths walked by each character in Destiny.

What’s the future for Public Events?

Article Audio Narration — source: Psalm Lab.

Thinking back to my very first time playing an MMORPG, it was one of the most thrilling moments in gaming. If you’re like me in your early 30’s, it has gotten more and more difficult to form long-lasting friendships unless you are an employee or student. Now I’m not saying this is the perfect science for making friends but it stands to reason it is usually easier to make friends where there are more people. Right?

My adventure into online gaming began back in 2014 when I first discovered Guild Wars 2. A…

Can you handle the onslaught from Season of the Chosen?

Bungie released their latest chapter in the Destiny narrative Season of The Chosen and let me tell you it’s not for the faint of heart. That being said it is a whole lot of fun. Once you load into the battlegrounds you are thrown straight into the mix of things.

The Cabal will take everything by force

Just before the start of Destiny 2’s latest season, I had a Twitter conversation with some good friends. In this conversation, each person shared thoughts on upcoming gameplay and narrative features they want to see in Destiny 2’s Season Of The Chosen. We broke down elements each person felt excited about and thought could bring change to the current player experience.

But something had been on my mind. As I engaged in conversation I thought about the planets and whether Earth was the only planet we could expect to see an invasion from the Cabal. …

Nessus, the forgotten centaur

Yesterday evening I was tuned into a live stream run by my friend Kaz (twitch.tv/kaz_phd) and a conversation came up about the mysterious centaur planet Nessus and why nothing “new” has happened on the planet so far.

In fact, it’s safe to say we have had no new lore or campaign-driven narrative taking place on the planet whatsoever. While Nessus continues to have open-world events, strikes, lost sectors, and regional loot chests, it is yet to be seen how Exodus and Nessus will play a part in the future of Destiny 2.

Activating [Charlemagne]…activating [Valuspa]

Rasputin is gone! At least up until this point this is assumed. After facing the Dark Pyramids, Rasputin hasn’t been able to do his usual activities; there are no Warsats (War Satellites) or access to Seraph Bunkers, no sign that he will return to us.

But ever since losing Rasputin my mind has been plagued by questions, questions about whether there are more Warminds? Last year I made a YouTube video titled ‘Exodus Project’. The lore reveals the last moments before the collapse (a cataclysm in human history that brought the species to extinction). In Exodus lore, two names come…

Smart Hopewell

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