Will The Warmind Rasputin Return In ‘Destiny 2’?

Better, Stronger, Faster! A Rasputin Renewed Is Coming.

Ana Bray attempting to fix Rasputin — Image source: Bungie

Darkness is on our doorstep! This rumbling tundra of black has returned having had a taste of humanities demise during the first collapse. Whatever the reason may be it wants more but why?


Towards the end of (Season of the Worthy) Darkness Pyramids entered into our solar system there was no warning or sign of their presence, until Eris Morn awoke a dormant Pyramid on the Moon.

I should say it didn’t take long for them to arrive but due to COVID-19 games development almost came to a halt. For several weeks we watched as the Pyramids moved closer into the Solar System until they were right on top of planets Mercury, Titan, Mars & IO (oh! How I miss IO).

Darkness Pyramid passing by Planet Saturn — Imag source: Bungie

Upon the arrival of the Pyramids, Ana Bray and Rasputin were ready to launch a defensive strike against a coming tide of the Pyramids in hopes of stopping or slowing their advancements.

Ana & Rasputin attack the Pyramids — Image source: Bungie

The Warmind Rasputin and Ana were delighted with their success! That was until the Pyramid they attacked showed up on the display once again. The great Warmind, the Tyrant that every other AI that ever existed had feared was Cntrl + Alt + Dlte’ed from existence. In the lore book Duress and Egress titled: Ana: Frayed we find a sorrowful Ana struggling to overcome her failure, cables and sparks flew all over her work station as her Ghost (companion) struggled to piece what remained of the Golden Age AI together.

The call — (Season of The Chosen)

Time has passed a new beginning is ahead of us as Season of The Chosen kicks into full swing. But one thing has my interested peaked. We can expect a war between Guardians and Cabal. A D1 strike is also set to return FALLEN S.A.B.E.R. A strike from Destiny where Rasputin calls for help to stop the fallen.

Image from FALLEN S.A.B.E.R strike in Destiny
Image from FALLEN S.A.B.E.R strike in Destiny
Destiny 1 strike image — Images source: Bungie

But a bigger question is; How will this tie into the state of our current war coming? Ana Bray now has a workshop in the Last City and she has been fixing Rasputin and placing him into an Exo body I hope this means we will see this great Warmind arise to help us defend against the terrors of the night and return peace to our brilliant but scary cosmos.

Rasputin 2.0

What will a refreshed Rasputin AI look like? Will he be able to evolve and adapt? Will he be able to access all his other off-world memory banks where copies of himself may exist? Will he become Felwinter 2.0? Without debris falling on him and wiping his memories so that he is reborn as a Guardian?

Warmind Lab — Image source: Bungie

Ana is trying to rebuild Rasputin better, stronger and able to do more. Since finding Bray-Exo Science on Europa there is no telling what will happen next with technology left behind by her grandfather. Or if she will enlist the help of her sister Elsie Bray otherwise known as The Stranger to help her rebuild Rasputin.

All is not lost we still have hope that one day a Rasputin renewed will return to us and help us win the fight against evil.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article today, remember that no matter what you are facing today at this moment. You can do all things!

Stay safe and God Speed.

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